dealing with poor responders

this post was originally found on my fediverse account. it has been reposted here for easier reading and visibility.

we've surely all had people that, when you attempt to talk to them, it takes them a very long time to respond if at all. i've had several people like this in my life. while sometimes it's not quite their fault, differing timezones or life gets busy, it shouldn't also be my problem that they don't contact me when i want them to.

in the past, i'd harbor resentment to these people. “why won't they respond” or “why won't they talk to me”. very unhealthy, but now i've made a way to deal with this.

match priority. if it seems that they don't make any effort to try and keep in touch, just lower their priority in your life. you don't have to be friends with everyone. if i am not enough of a priority to be responded to, i should match that and lower or stop attempting to contact them.

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