the japanese learning journey, 3 months in

Hey y'all!

So it's been 3 months since i've been learning japanese via the refold method, and here's the updates.

the daily routine

I've strived to at least do the following two things:

So far, I can still count on one had the times I've missed a day of flashcard reviews. Japanese content, on the other hand, is still a challenge to get through. I find my attention wandering most often, since the content doesn't yet engage me and I'm still trying to make my way out of that cave of “not understanding most of anything”. There are small victories here and there, but so far, I still need more time.

what to improve next

I need to study grammar more intensively, and clock more hours per day into Japanese content as a whole. Right now, I barely watch content, around 20 minutes per day, but I want to get that up to at least 1 hour of Japanese content immersion daily. As for grammar study, this should be as simple as watching this playlist every day until I finish it, then repeat if necessary.


Lots of stuff to review, still more time I need to clock in. The process is overall, still very simple, I just need to refocus and keep logging those hours into content immersion. See you all 6 months in, roughly 2022-10-20.

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