backpacking food


when choosing food for camping trips, you're really balancing between 3 main elements:

putting it together: eat protein/fat heavy foods at night after you've made camp. while hiking, eat proteins when you're taking longer breaks where you can at least start digesting a little bit. finally, when you're feeling exhausted or need a lot of energy before a hard part of the hike, eat candy and carbs to pick you up and get you back on track

with those principles, you can pick good camping foods. these are heat tolerant, don't require refrigeration, and are dehydrated since water is dense and can generally be acquired on site (assuming you're not camping in the desert, when bringing extra water in the form of food might be beneficial). be careful about salt content, a lot of preserved or packaged foods use salt in one way or another which can easily add up and dehydrate you without you realizing it.

most canned foods aren't as preferable since they are generally canned in water or oil and generate trash that you will have to hike out. if you don't pack it out, keep in mind that you're far away from civilization and i will find you. lots of canned foods are coming in packages now, which pack down small, don't require an extra tool to open, and can be burned in a fire if they don't contain a foil liner, but are super light to carry out anyways.

some good investments include a dehydrator to make your own beef jerky, dehydrated fruit snacks, and even heavier rehydratable meals like spaghetti. mountain house (and to a lesser extent mres, sometimes you can get them pretty cheap tho) is my nemesis, they're overpriced and mostly aimed at more inexperienced 1-2 day hikers who don't want to plan ahead of time. just keep in mind that you're paying for the convenience. it's possible to buy your own freeze dryer, but you'll have to eat hella meals since i haven't seen them below 3-4k. things like knoll sides or cheaper boxed mac n cheese and stuff will be your friend here to get low fuss, filling meals without the high price tag

finally, don't forget to bring some spices, they really make a difference! just be sure to hang your bear bag a little higher since they can be pungent. i've also seen some people buy small plastic containers to keep cooking oil, which can help with cooking if you're running into burning issues

the list

this will be updated as things go on, so please send me cool recipes you find!

long term meal elements

meal ideas

larger combos of fat, protein and carbs to refuel you after a long day. these are intentionally just smaller meals that don't require refridgerated items, but keep in mind that freezing a steak or other meat in a small cooler bag/lunchbox and then simply cooking it once it thaws at the end of a day is always still an option!

power snacks

snacks high in long term energy, fat and protein. eat these in breaks between hikes throughout the day


pick me ups and quick energy


don't skip these, they're definitely worth their weight in gold

happy camping!

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