shooting gloves

i think shooting gloves are kind of unnecessary for most people, but for me at least, they're a pretty important piece.

i have super sweaty hands and feet, so much so that i have literally always set up fans aimed at my hands on keyboards (tech or piano) for my whole life. without them, i would actually get small pools of sweat on whatever i touch if i'm using it for a while, and i am prone to getting athlete's foot in warmer weather.

i've literally had sweat drip off my hands without doing super strenuous activities before, and i've tried antiperspirants and even hyperhydrosis remedies like odaban (which basically adds a layer to your skin to prevent sweating, but i'd literally sweat it off, helped a little didn't really work for me). personally, i find that like wearing socks is the best way to help regulate bodyheat and prevent me sweating through my hands more.

i find that shooting gloves definitely help with aforementioned issue a lot, but also let me just manipulate stuff harder. helpfully pointed out that features on older weapons (like AKM style mag release levers, charging handles, safety devices on Mosins, or some 1911 slides) may have sharper edges that can almost require gloves unless you don't care about little scrapes here and there.

you may find gloves unnecessary, but if you have hyperhydrosis or even just sweat a lot, i highly recommend you at least just try it out!

personally i thought my 5.11 gloves were slightly nicer than generic mechanix gloves, but that might be personal preference. also helpfully pointed out that they only last a season or two anyways, so definitely just go with whatever fits and feels the best for you!

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